Ja'Tovia M. Gary

born. 1984, Dallas, Texas.

Fellowships & Residencies

2018     Radcliffe Institute Fellow, Harvard University.
2018     Robert Flaherty Film Seminar Fellow, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York.
2018     Firelight Media Documentary Film Fellow, New York City, New York.
2018     Artist in Residence, Headlands Artist Residency, California.
2017     Artist in Residence, Squeaky Wheel Workspace Residency, Buffalo, New York.
2017     Artist in Residence, Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, New York.
2016    Terra Foundation of American Art Summer Artist Residency, Giverny, France.
2016    The Evidence of Things Not Seen, Sundance Film Festival Fellows Program.


2018     Giverny I (Négresse Impériale), Audience Award, Best Experimental Short, New Orleans Film
2018     Giverny I (Négresse Impériale), Special Jury Mention, Best Experimental Short, New Orleans
              Film Festival.
2018     Firelight Next Step Production Grant.
2017     Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Filmmaking.
2017     The Evidence of Things Not Seen, Sarah Jacobson Grant.
2016     An Ecstatic Experience, Jury Award, Haverhill Experimental Film Festival.
2016     An Ecstatic Experience, Special Jury Award, New Orleans Film Festival.
2016     The Evidence of Things Not Seen, Rooftop Films/ TCS Camera Package Grant.
2016     The Evidence of Things Not Seen, BritDoc Genesis Film Grant.
2015     The Evidence of Things Not Seen, Production Grant, The Jerome Foundation.
2015     The Evidence of Things Not Seen, Production Grant, Sundance Documentary Fund.
2014     Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Audience Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival.
2012     Deconstructing Your Mother, 2nd place CUNY Film Festival, New York City, New York.
2011      Deconstructing Your Mother, Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Film, Brooklyn
              College Film Festival, Brooklyn, New York.


2014     MFA, School of Visual Arts, Social Documentary Filmmaking.
2012     Dual BA, Brooklyn College, Documentary Film Production/ Africana Studies.
2009    Documentary Filmmaking Certificate, LV Prasad Academy, Chennai, India.

Festivals and Screenings

2018    Giverny I (Négresse Impériale), Afrikana Film Festival, Richmond, Virginia
             An Ecstatic Experience & Giverny I (Négresse Impériale),  "Mapping Energies" Series, Wesleyan University, Connecticut.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Experimental & Documentary Cinema: The Visible Spectrum, Duke
             University, Durham, North Carolina.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Smithsonian African American Film Festival, Washington, DC.
              Giverny I (Négresse Impériale), Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Black Dolls Screening Series, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Doc Yard, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
              Giverny I (Négresse Impériale), CinemAfrica, Stockholm, Sweden.

2017    Sleep is the Cousin of Death, TIFF BlackStar Screening Program, Toronto.
              An Ecstatic Experience, TIFF Black Star Screening Program, Toronto.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Temps D’Images Festival, Cluj, Romania.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Tacoma Film Festival, Tacoma, Washington.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Glitch Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Glasgow Short Film Festival, Glasgow, Scotland.

2016    An Ecstatic Experience, Uppsala Short Film Festival, Sweden.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Rush Process Festival of Handcrafted Cinema, Houston, Texas.
              An Ecstatic Experience, New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Afrikana Film Festival, Richmond, Virginia.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Haverhill Experimental Film Festival, Haverhill, MA.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh,Scotland.
              An Ecstatic Experience, New Filmmakers Spring Screening series, New York, NY.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Stockholm Animation and Experimental Film Festival, Sweden.
              An Ecstatic Experience,  ATHENS ANIMFEST, Athens, Greece.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Maryland International Film Festival, Hagerstown,Maryland.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Athens Film and Video Festival, Athens, Ohio.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Newark Women in Film Festival, Newark, New Jersey.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta, Georgia.
              An Ecstatic Experience, Tampere Film Festival, Tampere, Finland.

2015   An Ecstatic Experience, Gdansk International Animation Festival, Gdansk, Poland.
             An Ecstatic Experience, Black Star Film Festival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2014   Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Milwaukee LGBT Film/ Video Festival, Milwaukee, Wisconscin.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, NewFest LGBT Film Festival, New York, New York.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Frameline LGBTQ Film Festival, San Francisco, CA.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Toronto LGBTQ Film Festival, Toronto, Canada.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, New Voices In Black Cinema Brooklyn, New York. 
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Marlon Riggs Film Festival, Dallas, Texas.
             Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO, Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA.

2012   Deconstructing Your Mother, Women of African Descent Film Festival, Brooklyn, New York.
             Deconstructing Your Mother, CUNY Film Festival 2012, New York City, New York.
             The Mama, The Daughter, and The Holy Ghost
, Dirty Sensibilities: A 21st Century Exploration of a New Black American South,
            Caribbean Cultural Center, New York.

Solo Exhibitions

2018     Giverny I (NÉGRESSE IMPÉRIALE), Boston University Galleries ANNEX, Boston, MA.
               A Care Ethic, UC Santa Barbara Museum of Architecture and Design, California.

2017     Modern Mondays: An Evening with Ja’Tovia Gary, The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, New York.
               An Ecstatic Experience, Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta, GA.

Group Exhibitions

2018     In Context / this past was waiting for me, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
               TRUTH, The Current Museum, SoHo, New York City, New York.
               On Whiteness, The Racial Imaginary Institute, The Kitchen, New York City, New York.
               How Does This Make You Feel, Hales Project Room, New York City, New York.
               FOUR, We Buy Gold, New York City, New York.

2017     Hypervisibilities, Organized by Sondra Perry, Union Docs + Vera List Center, Brooklyn, New York.
               An Incomplete History of Protest, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, New York.
              Civil Disobedience, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA.
             Lossless, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
              Face Shifts, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
             Millennium Film Journal 65: Architecture On screen and Off, Anthology Film Archives, New York City.
             We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women / Queer Brooklyn, Film screening, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York.
             Unbound: Visions of the Black Feminine, British Film Institute Southbank, London, UK.
             This is You Reading My Diary: An Evening with the New Negress Film Society, Anthology Film Archives, New York City.
             How to Love a Watermelon Woman, The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California.

2016     Pain Revisited, The Whitney Museum, New York City, New York.
              This is What We Mean By Short Films, Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, New York.
              New Filmmakers Spring Screening Series, Anthology Film Archives, New York City, New York.
              Comrade, What is Your Visual Bond Today, Sunday Sessions,MoMA PS1, Queens, New York.
              Black Radical Imagination, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California.
              Transitional Objects / Transitional Subjects, Flaherty Spring 2016 Screening Series, Anthology Film Archives, New York City, 
              New York.
              New Negress Film Society: Short Film Program, Made In New York Media Center, Brooklyn, New York.

2015     Now! Cinema Screening, Interference Archive, Brooklyn, New York.
              Black Radical Imagination, Reclamation of the Black Body, Articule, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
              Black Radical Imagination, Cinema Studies Institute +LIFT, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
              Black Radical Imagination, Reclamation of the Black Body, SAW Media Art Centre; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
              Hauntologies: past/present continuum, Black Cinema House, Chicago, Illinois.
              Afroisms, Busseywood African Film Festival, London, UK.
              Black Radical Imagination, The Black Fantastic, The Schomburg Center, Harlem, New York.
              Black Radical Imagination, MoCADA Soul of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York.
              Directed By Women Series: New Negress Film Society, IUCinema, Bloomington, Indiana.

Presentations, Talks, and Conferences

2018     Ja'Tovia Gary: A Care Ethic, AD&A Museum, UC Santa Barbara, California.
              The Armory Show Artist Talks: Leonardo Drew and Ja’Tovia Gary with Jen Mergel, New York City, New York.
              What Art Speaks to These Times, An Incomplete History of Protest, Whitney Museum, New York City, New York.

2017     Un-working Dark Matters: Black Feminist Visuality Conference. NYU Steinhardt, Department of Media, Culture and
             Communication. New York City, New York.
             New Negress Film Society Short Film Program and Lecture, University of Michigan, Penny Stamps Lecture Series/Ann Arbor
             Film Festival. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2016     Black Radical Imagination Conference, NewNegress Film Society Panel and Screening Series, The Cooper Union.
              New York City, New York.
              New Negress Film Society: Engaging the Radical Possibilities of Emerging Black Women Filmmakers, Screening and
             Workshop Series, South Dallas Cultural Center. Dallas, Texas.
               New Negress Film Society: Short Film Program, Wagner College, Wagner College, Staten Island, New York.       

2015     New Negress Film Society: Short Film Program, Jorgenson Screening and Lecture Series, Indiana University.
              Bloomington, Indiana.
              Habitual Line Steppers: Constructing Blackness Beyond the Imagination, Black Portraitures Conference. Florence, Italy

2014     Expanding the Walls Youth Multimedia Workshop, The Studio Museum. Harlem, New York.


2017     Direct Animation/ Camera-less Filmmaking Workshop, Mono No Aware, Brooklyn, New York.
             Advanced Editing and Post Production, The New School, New York, New York.
             16mm Filmmaking Workshop, Mono No Aware, Brooklyn, New York,.

Professional Experience

2017     Writer/Producer, BET Promotional Spot, Viacom, New York, New York.
2016     Editor, Black Girl Magic Short documentary, Essence Magazine.
2015     Assistant Editor, The Jackie Robinson Film Project, Florentine Films, Brooklyn, New York.
2014     Cinematographer/Editor, SVA Design for Social Innovation Department, New York, New York.
2013     Editor, Gates Greene Productions, BystanderRevolution Online Campaign.
2012     Archival Researcher, 40 Acres and a Mule, Spike Lee’s Bad 25, Brooklyn, New York.
2012     Post Production Assistant, RealSide Productions, Shola Lynch’s Free Angela and All Political Prisoners, Harlem, New York.


The Evidence of Things Not Seen (in production)
Giverny I (Négresse Impériale)
Sleep is the Cousin of Death
An Ecstatic Experience
Cakes Da Killa: NO HOMO
Women’s Work
Deconstructing Your Mother
Sound Rite

Music Videos
Cakes DaKilla “Goodie Goodies”

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