Through film and video work, I aim to posit a future in which Blackness, the feminine, and non-traditional ontologies are centralized. The future I seek to create contests representative and narrative norms and perceptions, and explores the haunted spaces of life and relationships. My videos and films are political, psychoanalytic, and personalized moments of liberation from the anonymous, collective personage, and distorted histories through which Black life is often viewed.

A perspective intellectually grounded in a radical Black femme gaze and subjectivity rests at the foundation of my practice and serves to render a more fully formed subject, discourse, and creative space, while maintaining a purposeful specificity. I seek to broaden my artistic reach by narrowing my focus. Personal history and family lineage are fertile spaces, which I mine and investigate as part of the creative practice. Queerness, as a non-normative way of being and a framework through which to view the world, is crucial to my work as it shatters binaries to reveal the true spectrum which lies beneath. I am concerned with constructions of power as it relates to shaping identity and how these power relations are made manifest in popular media and art.

While the intellectual foundation of my storytelling is grounded in historical themes and contemporary experiences, it is my goal to create a new framework for radical formal experimentation as a practical manifestation of a new future space. My work engages ephemerality with an aim towards reclaiming iconic spaces, figures, and ideas, all while creating new meanings through a reworking of conventional formal considerations. Choices surrounding form are practical as much as aesthetic, born of the need to create work via non-traditional means, modalities, and materials, which depict subjects rarely produced in substantive form. The work conjures the aesthetics of Afro Surrealism, questions notions of space and permanence, narrative and the linearity of time, and is ultimately an evocative and disruptive invocation.